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Painless group shots

Group shots are what separate the keen amateurs from the experienced professionals. Over the years, I’ve realised how very important good group shots are …

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Flowers at a Wedding

Flowers go a long way towards enhancing the elegance, vibrancy and understated beauty of your day. I’ve had the privilege of working with many talented florists, and one of the very best is …

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Prices & Frequently Asked Questions

How much I charge, what is included and the answer to a myriad of other Questions that I am Frequently Asked …

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Claire and Ben’s Wedding

One of the greatest compliments that can be paid to a wedding photographer is to be asked to photograph the wedding of another member of a family.

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Raj and Ajay’s Wedding in Rochester, Kent

Raj and Ajay’s Wedding in Rochester, Kent

Raj and Ajay’s wedding day was absolutely wonderful, truly one of my most memorable wedding shoots. It was exuberant, colourful, noisy, crowded and at times chaotic – really, a bit like India itself …

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Natasha and Sam’s Wedding at Brick House Farm, Kent

Natasha and Sam’s Wedding at Brick House Farm, Kent

One of the many joys of photographing weddings is the music throughout the day, from Nessun Dorma and Mendelssohn’s Wedding March to a bit of Aretha Franklin for the dancing …

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Amy and Aziz’s Marrakech Wedding

They say that first love is the one that’s strongest, the one you always remember best. Well, I’m not really sure if that’s true in human relationships, but it certainly applies to the first wedding shoot I did in Marrakech

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Why hire John Cole for your wedding?

Because of his Passion and Experience

After over 25 years in the business, I still get a kick out of every assignment I do. When I no longer love taking photos, I’ll stop working as a photographer …

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Who is John Cole?

I fell in love with photography over 25 years ago and although we’ve sometimes had our ups and downs, photography and I are still truly, madly, deeply in love. I started out in New York City shooting news …

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Testimonials – or “Dear John” Letters

Dear John
Thank you so much for having been so wonderful on the day. So many people remarked how nice you were and how they liked the fact you weren’t at all bossy …

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photographed by John Cole

I feel strongly that your wedding day is exactly that, your day, not mine. You tell me the kind of photos you want and then we'll work together to create a unique set of images.

I work in reportage style because that is what I am -- a reportage photographer who does weddings. I've shot dozens of stories for leading British and international publications, and I bring my magazine style of photography to your wedding.

I work unobtrusively and sensitively, concentrating on creating natural, spontaneous photos. I do group shots quickly and painlessly (though never sloppily), so that you are free to spend more time with your family and friends.

Your Wedding, photographed by John Cole