Prices & Frequently Asked Questions

How Much?
I charge a flat fee of £1,500 for weddings within the Home Counties. The £1,500 fee covers everything: the day (up to ten hours); my travel; processing time; meeting up with you before; the VatMan. Everything.  I also offer clients a bespoke book of more than 60 images, each book created individually. The cost is £300. I’m happy to show you samples when we meet.

Is there any flexibility at all in your set price?
Occasionally, I do have special offers or seasonal deals. Please ask.

Do I get all the images?
You get all the good images from the day. Emphasis on GOOD. I’m sure you don’t want to see a lot of shots of people blinking, looking away or where someone has walked in front of the camera. Part of the professional service I provide is to go through all the images from the day, sorting out the ‘blinking’ photos and then give you the very best from every single situation and opportunity.

What about weddings outside the Home Counties?
I charge a mileage fee and ask you to arrange accommodation.

What if you’re ill on the day?
If, on the wedding day, I am unable to work due to extreme illness, I will arrange for another photographer I know and trust to do the shoot. Or, if you wish to make your own arrangements, I will refund your deposit in full. However, this is highly unlikely, as I have never missed a shoot due to illness in over 25+ years of photography.

Do you need to be fed on the day?
Yes, please. It’s a long day and some hot food after everyone else is served would be greatly appreciated.

Do you shoot film or digital?
The short answer is, Digital. Although I grew up shooting b/w film and love the luminous quality of a silver print, I have totally embraced digital technology. I am amazed at all it can do and the creative freedom it gives me.

Can our family and guests view the photos?
Yes, of course. I create a gallery of low-res images on MobileMe, which you and all your family and friends can have access to.

Who chooses the images for the album/book?
You do. After viewing the images on MobileMe (or the CD I’ll send you), you choose the images you want.

How do we book you?
Please see the Get in touch with John Cole page of the website. And if I haven’t answered your questions, please don’t hesitate to call me for a chat about your wedding plans.


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photographed by John Cole

I feel strongly that your wedding day is exactly that, your day, not mine. You tell me the kind of photos you want and then we'll work together to create a unique set of images.

I work in reportage style because that is what I am -- a reportage photographer who does weddings. I've shot dozens of stories for leading British and international publications, and I bring my magazine style of photography to your wedding.

I work unobtrusively and sensitively, concentrating on creating natural, spontaneous photos. I do group shots quickly and painlessly (though never sloppily), so that you are free to spend more time with your family and friends.

Your Wedding, photographed by John Cole