Natasha and Sam’s Wedding at Brick House Farm, Kent

Natasha and Sam’s Wedding at Brick House Farm, Kent

If I wasn’t a photographer, I think I’d like to be a musician, specifically a pianist. But I’m tone deaf and can’t even play Chopsticks, so it will be several reincarnations before this even begins to happen.

One of the many joys of photographing weddings is the music throughout the day, from Nessun Dorma and Mendelssohn’s Wedding March to a bit of Aretha Franklin for the dancing.

So what a joy it was to be asked to photograph the wedding of Natasha and Sam, who are both accomplished musicians. Sam is a jazz pianist, as well as a conductor and composer, whose music has featured in Angelina Jolie’s film A Mighty Heart. And Natasha is a former member of the Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge and now sings with various chamber ensembles in Cologne. We’re talking serious classical music pedigree here, which was reflected in the music that was performed throughout the day by Sam, Natasha and so many of their very musical friends.

Add to that all the wonderful rituals of a Jewish wedding on a bright summer’s day and I was never short of a photo opportunity. I madly dashed from one musical event or ceremony to another, some programmed, some improvised. And whenever I felt myself flagging, there was always another piece of inspirational music to lift my body and soul.

There was Brahms, Bach, along with the Klezmer band that led the ceremony of lifting the couple on chairs and then everyone dancing joyously. And in the evening, instead of the usual disco standards, there was Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett. For days after, I found myself humming all the great music I had heard on Natasha and Sam’s wedding day.

Besides being a most beautiful couple to photograph, Natasha and Sam were generous with their gracious praise. Here are a few excerpts from emails:

Hi John,
We got back from honeymoon today to find your link to the online gallery and we can’t believe what a fantastic job you’ve done and how many wonderful moments you’ve captured. We knew it would be good, but we are really bowled over! We are so pleased we asked you – you were completely professional, discreet and somehow always seemed to be in the right place. You can quote me!

Hi John,
We received the album today and it’s absolutely wonderful, as we knew it would be. Thank you so much! Thanks for going to so much trouble to create such a beautiful album for us – you captured the spirit of the day better than we could have hoped, and we will of course treasure it forever.
All the best,
Natasha and Sam


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